A Sithi symbol of a debt of life. In Chapter 16 of The Dragonbone Chair, Jiriki gives one to Simon after Simon frees him from a trap. The Sithi translation for it is Staja Ame.

Spelling Inconsistencies Edit

In Stone of Farewell and the glossary and end of The Dragonbone Chair, the Sithi translation is spelled "Staja Ame". But in The Dragonbone Chair it is first spelled "Sta'ja Ame" and becomes "Staj'a Ame" on page 615. At some point after this, the apostrophe is dropped altogether, and remains so. We should most likely assume that the apostrophe-free version is the correct and standard one. However, it does cause some pronunciation confusion, considering the significance of apostrophes in the Sithi language (although Williams has advised mortal readers to leave the clicks unvoiced, TDC page 780).

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