"Ocean Children": Niskies and Dwarrows.

Although denied the quasi-immortality of the other Gardenborn, they were very long-lived. Gan Itai says "I am great-grandmother twenty times over." TGAT 1, p. 77. This seems to mean twenty generations. When the Sithi still lived in the Garden they seperated the majority becoming Niskies and a minority becoming the smaller Dwarrows. The Dwarrows were enslaved by the Sithi when they passed over the sea to Osten Ard while Niskies were stranded there when men burned their great boats.

Valada Geloë is speculated to be a wise woman of the Niskies. Before she leaves to die Aditu refers to her as Ruyan's own suggesting that she is related to Ruyan Ve, the patriarch of the of the Niskies when they were stranded on Osten Ard.

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