The Six Kings of the Hayholt

Six Kings have ruled in Hayholt's broad halls

Six masters have stridden her mighty stone walls

Six mounds on the cliff over deep Kynslagh-bay

Six kings will sleep there until Doom's final day.

Fingil first, named the Bloody King

Flying out of the North on war's red wing

Hjeldin his son, the Mad King dire

Leaped to his death from the haunted spire

Ikferdig next,the Burned King hight

He met the fire-drake by dark of night

Three northern kings, all dead and cold

The North rules no more in lofty Hayholt

The Heron King Sulis, called Apostate

Fled Nabban, but in Hayholt he met his fate

The Hernystir Holly King Tethtain

Came in at the gate, but not out again

Last, Eahlstan Fisher King, in lore most high

The dragon he woke, and in Hayholt he died

Erkynlandish folk rhyme