The Sithi Nine Cities were nine great cities founded by the Gardenborn when they fled Venyha Do'sae, the Lost Garden, millennia earlier. The cities were great master-works in addition to housing the Sithi, Norns, and their kin for eons. Each of the Nine Cities had a Master Witness, which allowed for communication to the other cities, even across great distances.

The cities were slowly abandoned due to environmental factors or invasion.

Asu'a - destroyed in the year 666 by the mortal army of the Rimmergard king Fingil; the remains of Asu'a were built over and became the castle known as the Hayholt.

Da'ai Chikiza - the remnants of this city are lost in Aldheorte Forest, near the River Aelfwent.

Enki-e-Shao'saye - city lost in the southeastern portion of Aldheorte Forest.

Hikehikayo - city given to the Tinukeda'ya by Jenjiyana of the Nightingales.

Jhiná T'seneí - city given to the Tinukeda'ya; lost under the waves when the land sank.

Kementari - lost city on or near Warinsten Island.

Mezutu'a - city given to the Tinukeda'ya by Jenjiyana of the Nightingales.

Nakkiga - remnants of the original city are located on the top of Stormspike Mountain. The Norns no longer inhabit the original city, having moved inside of caverns inside the mountain.

Tumet'ai - city abandoned due to encroaching ice.

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