• "[ Isgrimnur ] took his supper in an inn partway down the Sancellan Hill, then walked quietly in the Hall of Fountains, something he had not done for many years. He and Gutrun had visited the fountains shortly before their marriage, when they had come to Nabban on a nuptial pilgrimage traditional in Isgrimnur's family." SOF ch 11, p. 289.

It can't have been a very old tradition, since his father Isbeorn was the first Aedonite in the history of the family.

  • Pryrates: "...So you see, Your Sacredness, all that King Elias wishes is your acceptance of one fac: Mother Church's provenance may be men's souls, but she has no right to interfere in the disposition of men's corporeal forms by their legitimate monarch." SOF ch. 15, p. 363.

TW must mean "province" not "provenance." [1] American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

  • Amerasu: "Now they [ Utuk'ku and Ineluki ] are ready to do what they have plotted for so many centuries." SOF ch. 28, p. 712.

Since she is speaking less than 500 years after the fall of Asu'a, it is difficult to imagine one of her age seeing that span as so many centuries.

  • "[The Sithi ] were little more than a shimmer of moonlight on metal at first, a distant cloud of silvershine in the darkness." TGAT1 ch. 18, p. 556.

Sorry, Tad, even after the Exile, the Sithi wore lacquered wood armor, not metal.

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