Jao é'Tinukai'i

Sithi: "Boat on [the] Ocean [of] Trees". Only thriving Sithi settlement, in Aldheorte.

We have no evidence as to the age of Jao é-Tinukai'i. It is not one of the Sithi Nine Cities, which would suggest that it was founded after the fall od Asu'a. On the other hand, when Aditu tells Simon the story of Drukhi and Nenais'u, she speaks of the Yásira being "called". TGAT1, ch. 26, p. 780. In view of the date of this event (before the loss of Tumet'ai to the ice (TGAT1 ch. 26, p. 779) it is unclear whether this is the Yásira in Jao é-Tinukai'i, or whether the term can be used generically for a meeting place on another site.