The Hayholt, origianally known as Asu'a, was a Sithi city and fortification, that held the leaders of the Sithi for generations.  They created many structures, and dwelt there for some time, before the attack of the men with Black Iron.  Durring the seige, the Sitha known as Ineluki created the sword of Sorrow , and with it murdered the Sithi king, and attempted to lead his people.  Those who did not flee, did not fight for Ineluki 's cause, excluding his 5 followers.  Soon after, the castle fell to the human invaders.

The fortification currently is the capital of Erkynland , and is the capital of Osten Ard under the High King's Ward.  The King who united the realms of Osten Ard, Prester John , died in the Hayholt, and was buried nearby.

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