Dinivan Nabbanai

Aedonite priest. Private secretary to Lector Ranessin. Murdered by Pryrates the night that the lector excommunicated him and Elias.

He says of the Book of the Aedon: "One of my favorite passage has always been: 'If your enemy comes to speak bearing a sword, open your door to him and speak, but keep your own sword at hand. If he comes to your empty-handed, greet him the same way. But if he comes to you bearing gifts, stand on your walls and cast stones down on him.' " TDC ch. 22, p. 346.

Dinivan comment: "Certainly, honest labor is better than a life of beggary or theft—in the eyes of Mother Church, anyway, if not in the eyes of some beggars and most thieves." SOF ch. 7, p. 169.

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