An'nai Sitha

Jiriki's lieutenant, hunting companion. He was killed on Urmsheim by Igjarjuk.

Simon first officially met An'nai at the Sithi hunting lodge on their way to Urmsheim. An'nai was the warder, while Simon and his company the prisoners. Later, when Jirki agreed to come on their quest, An'nai accompanied them, all the way to the peak of the Urmsheim. There, he used a bow and then a sword to fight Ingen Jegger and the rest of the huntsmen. When Igjarjuk emerged from the ground, he lanched himself at its hind leg in order to distract it from Simon. However, the ice dragon flung him off, using its tail, over 75 feet, thus killing him. After Simon supposedly slayed the dragon, he was buried along with Grimmric.